Women helping women gambling

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You agree to receive occasional updates and special helpnig for The New York Times's products and services. An April 28th article by Tanya Mohn in the New York Timestitled Fighting Compulsive Gambling Among Womenreported that gambling addiction among retired women and women nearing retirement seems to be growing in severity and scope. Online addictions gambling newsletter has been published for more than 10 years and is read by women and men around the world.

How would you handle an overnight change in lifestyle that leaves you with a lot of free time on your hands? As most of us know or have experienced personallygambling can ruin lives. Addiction and Women Though women have moved far beyond traditional roles, many people still tend to think of women as caretakers, homemakers and mothers, and for some, picturing women with addiction is not as easy as picturing men with addiction. Events Guide Television Theater Video: It is the first time in years that she has nothing to fill every moment in her life, her actions and her thinking.

As a special population in problem gambling, women have specific risks and warning signs to look for so that we can help them through their. Some advice that is often given is that gamblers should not gamble more than they can afford. Problem gamblers however cannot afford to wager a single dollar. Thousands of women struggle with problem gambling without their family members know. Find out more why gambling addiction is called the hidden Problem Gambling New E-Book: The Hidden Addiction · Helping Women.


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