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These efforts were supported by the French Expeditionary Corps to the north which captured Monte Belvedere and assaulted Monte Cifalco. I went to war with very romantic ideas about war, and I came back sick.

Goodreads helps battle monte casino keep track of books you want to read. However, such optimism did not take into account the geography of Monte Cassino. I knew a fair bit about this part of the war despite it being overshadowed by other campaigns especially D-Day that came soon after the fall of Rome. Only about 40 people remained: Little did these brave Poles know that the western allies would let Stalin keep Poland. In the mountains, Polish attacks were met with German counterattacks. Apr 28, Greg rated it really liked it.

Historian Angelos Mansolas has researched the Battle of Monte Cassino for his new book Monte Cassino, January - May , The Legend of. The Battle of Montecassino was one of the most important military operations of WWII. Also known as the Battle for Rome, it wasn't just one battle but rather a. Battle of Monte Cassino | World War II Database. German troops established positions on the hill of Monte Cassino, which dominated over the valleys, but they.


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